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More information: ICSI in Dubai https://ivf-dubai.com/best/Intracytoplasmic_sperm_injection_Dubai.html

What is IVF?

IVF is a reproductive technology which involves the process of fertilization by retrieving a sperm sample extracting eggs and manually combining the two in the laboratory dish. IVF is usually artificially inseminated and is used to treat infertility in patients with conditions such as damaged or blocked fallopian tubes, male factor infertility, removed fallopian tubes, genetic disorder, ovulation disorder as well as unexplained infertility to mention a few.

IVF treatment involves four steps which are; Ovulation induction, Egg retrieval, fertilization and Embryo transfer and implantation. In few weeks after the insemination, you can take a pregnancy test to confirm the success of the result. Although the average couple may have to undergo the process twice or thrice but once the process succeeds, there is no difference between it and a naturally conceived pregnancy.

Is it Safe To Do IVF Treatment?

However, a lot of people have questioned the safety of the IVF fertility treatment, couples with fertility issues are usually concerned about IVF dangers and risks especially to the mother and the baby. While some risks are minimal, some are increased, in fact there are inherent risks that makes people who are in need of this fertility treatment have a higher risk pregnancy. However, the most widely feared risk of IVF is multiple pregnancies which is a condition where a woman has two or more babies in her uterus, the babies could come from different eggs or the same egg. Fertility doctors usually give advice about the number of embryos to transfer but because of the high cost of IVF people usually believe that multiple embryo transfer increases the chance of getting pregnant, this is thus the result to the high tendency for twins’ birth in IVF treatment.

Women who are pregnant with twins are at a higher risk for pregnancy complications which include premature birth, cesarean section, TTTS (Twin- Twin Transfusion Syndrome), low birth weight and gestational diabetes amongst others. Women are also at risk over reaction to hormone drugs that are used to stimulate the ovaries besides, egg collection may be uncomfortable most likely because it is sometimes performed with, local anesthetics. There is also the risk of bleeding during egg retrieval and damage or infection of the bladder or bowel. Couples also usually fear the risk of ectopic pregnancy which is has a low percentage in IVF treatment. The whole process of artificial insemination can also lead to psychological stress and emotional problems. Generally when the consultants are experts and patients follow the advice of their consultants, IVF is usually safe.

IVF success rate usually declines once patients reach the age of 35 but before that patients usually have a fifty percent chance.

In Dubai, IVF treatment is one of the most sought after service because of many couples’ desire for pregnancy. Around the world, three percent of babies are born through IVF, in Dubai, the reason for infertility rate boils down majorly to stress, late marriage and genetic disorder which is why they have to visit infertility clinics in Dubai. Most successful fertility treatments usually depend on expertise of the consultant.

How Much Does IVF Cost in Dubai?

For couples in Dubai who are open to the option of artificial insemination, the price is usually the deciding factor that dictates what pregnancy treatment and fertility clinic to consult. In Dubai, the cost of IVF in fertility clinics is usually between the range of AED 25,000 – 40,000 including consultation fee.

Find out more about us

To discuss the best treatment options available to you, book an appointment with IVF in Dubai Fertility Clinic, the leading fertility clinic in Dubai and UAE.

Dr. Amal Alias Fertility & Gynaecology Center
Saturday-Thursday: 08:00-21:30
Friday: 10:00-19:00
company site: https://ivf-dubai.com/
email: info@ivf-dubai.com

Watch the presentation on YouTube: https://youtu.be/osa5eNOiWmA
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[b] The rucksack reloaded [/b]
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More recently, the rucksack has been reimagined as something infinitely more precious. Happily, Haider Ackermann’s version, under his fledgling reign at historic cobbler-turned-clothing-conglomerate Berluti, hits a sweet spot, with the leather discreetly demonstrating the handcraft and skill of the house’s Italian artisans in Ferrare, northern Italy.

Those nutmeg-shaded leather fastenings and straps come with a patina that takes several weeks to perfect, layering colour upon colour to lend a richer sense of depth. Six months in, Ackermann is quietly making his presence felt at Berluti – introducing a sensual, fluid silhouette for suits as well as saturated, intense colours, and womenswear. Yet it’s clear that despite the new direction, there’s still a healthy respect for the house’s heritage. A happy scenario for anyone looking for investments that are a perfect balance of peppy modernity and stately tradition.

[b] Best foot forward [/b]
The gentlemanly environs of St James’s London have been subject to change in recent years, so it’s heartening that one heritage house remains firmly in situ. This autumn, bootmaker Crockett & Jones, founded in 1879, celebrates 20 years on Jermyn Street – as famed for its men’s accessories and shirtmakers as Savile Row is for its suiting.

To mark the occasion, the house has debuted a range of new shoes with suitably London-centric names: the Chelsea, which couldn’t be anything other than a Chelsea boot, the louche slip-on loafer known as the Cavendish and the rather proper, formal Derby shoe, the Connaught. A capital affair.

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